The Problem - Heavy Loads, Confined or Hard to Reach Spaces

A confined or difficult to reach space is a problem when you have to deliver and/or remove a lot of material. Limekiln refits, for example, require hauling 200 tonnes of lime rock out of the kiln before the repair work can even begin, which makes the job difficult to say the least. The extra downtime and labour can be frustrating and costly.

The Solution

Convey-It solutions came up with a workable solution to the problem of moving heavy loads in and out of confined spaces. Why should men break their backs and twist their ankles using wheelbarrows to haul tonnes of rock when it can be done much faster and with increased safety?

If you have an area that is difficult to reach which requires removal or delivery of a payload, you now have a portable, modular solution. Our conveyors have been operated at lengths from 20 to 320 feet, pushing as much as 2000 lbs when loaded. 

Experience in Tough Industrial Conditions

Convey-It conveyors were made specifically for assisting in the refit of limekilns and coal dryers, to haul out waste and fire brick to speed up repairs. Then, with no adjustments, they can be used to push the new brick back into the kiln to be set in place. Since Convey-It systems are able to carry materials right through functioning pneumatic rings, bricks can be laid at several locations in the kiln at the same time.

This time-tested industrial experience can be put to use on any job requiring moving material in or out of a confined space.

Reduce Labour Time and Labour Costs

In kraft pulp mills the use of our conveyors has reduced the time required for typical repairs by 25% or more, reducing expensive downtime and labour costs, not to mention injury rates. 

Ease of Assembly

Assembly of our conveyors, adjustment of their length and disassembly can all be done very quickly. For example, a 100 foot system can easily be assembled inside a rotary limekiln by a 2 person crew in 30 minutes using only a wrench and pliers. [View the operating manual here]

Convey-It systems are hydraulically powered and function reliably, even under harsh industrial conditions. Variable speed, forward and reverse controls and emergency shutoff are standard features.